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Prescription Ordering Direct

Call the NHS Prescription Ordering Direct service (POD) on 01732 375262, it is an easy way for you to order your repeat prescription.

You can call from the comfort of your own home – there’s no need to go into your GP practice or pharmacy.

You’ll also speak to a trained prescription clerk who can discuss your needs and can ensure that you’ll only order medication when you need it – saving the NHS money to spend on other important services.

This service launched on the 9th January 2017 and is available Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) from 8am to 4 pm for patients at the following surgeries:

  • Clanricarde Medical Centre (Abbey Court,7-15 St Johns Rd TN4 9TF)
  • Kingswood Surgery (Kingswood Road, Tunbridge Wells TN2 4UH)
  • Lonsdale Medical Centre (1 Clanricarde Gardens, Tunbridge Wells TN1 1PE)
  • Rowan Tree (Rowan Tree Road, Tunbridge Wells TN2 5PX)
  • St Andrews Medical Centre (St Andrews Court, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells TN4 0LZ) 
  • Wateringbury Surgery (14 Pelican Court, Wateringbury, Maidstone ME18 5SS)
  • Waterfield House Surgery (186 Henwood Green Road, Pembury TN2 4LR)

Further surgeries will offer this service in due course and times will be extended so keep checking here for updates. 

Why use this new service?

You can order repeat prescription medication by making just one phone call. You will be speaking to a dedicated person who will have the time to answer any repeat prescription queries, will ask you how you are getting on with your medication and will alert you if a medical review is needed.

Who will you be talking to?

The POD will be staffed by dedicated, experienced and fully trained prescribing clerks and clinical members of the Medicines Optimisation team at the NHS West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group. They will have access to all repeat prescription records and immediate access to your GP practice should the need arise. This is all private and confidential and your personal information is secure.

Why are we offering this new service?

We want to ensure that patients are receiving the correct quantity of medication that they need at a time. We also hope to reduce the amount of wasted prescription medicines, this amounts to millions of pounds each year, so that this money can be better spent on improving healthcare. 

Already use a pharmacy to order your repeat medication?

You can continue to use the same pharmacy. If your pharmacy manages your repeat medication on your behalf, and orders prescriptions from your GP this agreement will no longer be valid, your pharmacy should be aware of this change .

If you have a current arrangement with a pharmacy to deliver your prescription then this will still continue.

Once you have made the telephone call your prescription will be authorised by your usual GP and will then be available from your nominated pharmacy in the time frame normally specified by your practice (usually 48 hours) for collection or delivery

Further Information

Call NHS Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) on  01732 375262. If you have any queries please contact the team on wkccg.pod@nhs.net