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The future of fertility services

User AvatarPosted by Daniel Harper at 20/12/2018 10:31:32

Between the 1 October and the 1 December 2018 the engagement team asked people to share their views on the future of fertility services. See leaflet. We’d like to thank all the individuals, groups and organisations who welcomed our drop ins, shared the on-line and paper surveys and attended events.

You said

375 people completed surveys, attended an event, e-mailed or called to share their views. People described their individual experiences, experiences in their wider families and friendship groups and the emotional impact of infertility and access to fertility services. Over 90% of people surveyed supported the need to make sure the NHS is getting the best value services for the whole of the population. Although over 80% thought it right for the NHS to review IVF services, at least 60% did not support the example given of reducing the number of funded IVF cycles.

We did

All your contributions go into a report that informs planning and decision making for future fertility services and will be available in early 2019