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Privacy policy

Your cookie choice

It is your choice whether or not you want websites to put cookies on your computer. You can manage your choices in your web browser on any device, and AboutCookies offers a guide to managing your cookies on all modern browsers.

Withdrawing consent to use of cookies

If you decide at any time you don’t want cookies anymore, you can clear the cache in your web browser to delete any cookies that are there. You can then disable cookies and no more will be stored unless you decide to enable them again. We are currently working on a solution which will allow you to manage your cookie consent for this site more easily.

Our cookies do not provide us with any private or personally identifiable information about you. All data that is gathered is anonymous.

Third-party cookies 

Other services that set cookies include:

  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Gadgets 
  • Yahoo Apps 
  • Google Search Appliance 
  • Flash Movies (if they use Local Storage) 
  • YouTube 
  • Twitter

It’s important to remember that if you choose to disable all cookies all the time, some websites or website functions (particularly ones that require logins or passwords) may not work.