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Local Care Plan


What is the Local Care Plan?

Local care is care not in a main hospital, providing better access to care and support in people’s own communities. The Local Care Plan describes the local clinical model of care, the infrastructure required to deliver this and what will change for people who live in west Kent. We detail our progress to date and the key elements that we need to further develop and talk to local people about.

For an overview, read our ‘Local care in West Kent – How things are changing’ leaflet.

Read more about the background to the local care plan.

Our progress so far

Find out more about how we are developing local care to make it easier for people to get the treatment, support and advice they need:

Potential local care hubs

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent series of public engagement events where we discussed the potential development of local care hubs in west Kent.

At the events, we discussed with you:

  • the concept of local care hubs and why we feel they may be needed
  • what health, care and wellbeing services could be in a hub, and why they should be there
  • which services would be essential and which desirable
  • whether all hubs would need the same range of services or if there could there be a core set of services for all hubs, with additional ones locally as required
  • the potential strengths and weaknesses of hubs
  • what a reasonable journey time would be for people to travel to a hub
  • what should be considered in terms of location and travel
  • where you would like to see a hub and why.

This is the presentation shown at the events.

We also held question and answer sessions at each of the three events and have collated the most frequently asked questions.

Next steps

In August, our Governing Body reviewed the strategic case for local care hubs, including what the public have told us about them.

They agreed to explore establishing three ‘main hubs’ in Maidstone, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks areas, and the possibility of two further ‘mini-hubs’ in the Weald of Kent and Aylesford areas.

As part of the next phase of the project, we will now be looking at specific locations and how services in them would need to work to provide maximum benefits to patients, supported by really good technology.

For more information, read the strategic case and engagement report.

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More information

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