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NHS event – new services for people who attend A&E in west Kent – public meeting in Tunbridge Wells on 19 September

Go-ahead for combined hospital and GP surgery in Edenbridge

User AvatarPosted by Amanda Crawford at 09/08/2017 15:57:54

A new combined hospital and GP surgery in Edenbridge has moved a step closer after NHS West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) decided to progress its preferred option, having received overwhelming support from the public.

At its meeting on 25 July, the CCG’s Governing Body heard that:

  • 94% (1,089) of the 1,159 people (1,089) responding to a survey carried out as part of a three-month public consultation backed a combined hospital/surgery
  • 79% (915) supported the preferred option – for services to be provided in a new building, on a new site, with additional day services (such as intravenous drips) and no inpatient beds.

The preferred option was also backed by the board of Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust, which provides almost all the services based at the hospital and in people’s homes in Edenbridge, and by the GP partners of Edenbridge Medical Practice.

Ian Ayres, Accountable Officer of NHS West Kent CCG, said the development of a new combined facility in Edenbridge was in line with the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) which sets out a vision for health and care services for the future in Kent and Medway.

“The plan talks about the need to strengthen GP care for the future,” Mr Ayres said. “The changes we are discussing today means we will be able to keep GPs in Edenbridge for the long term, and to put services around them, to support patients in their own homes.

“In west Kent, the plan probably requires more beds in fewer, larger units, in the community – and this change is absolutely consistent with that too.”

Dr Bob Bowes, Chair of the CCG, said he was impressed by the commitment from the GP practice and the hospital staff to work together to improve care for patients.

“They are looking at a high level of integration, with multi-use rooms, shared space, and the potential for more work to support people in their own homes and GPs working with the minor injury unit, rather than separately from it,” Dr Bowes said. “It is exciting for everyone.”

The Governing Body was told that despite large numbers of people who responded positively during the consultation, not everyone was in agreement, and some correspondence had been received from people who clearly did not hold the view expressed by the majority.

It agreed to progress option 1a, for there to be a combined hospital/ surgery, in a new building, on a new site, with no inpatient beds.

The CCG is now setting up an implementation group to do detailed work on potential sites, planning and finances for the new facility.


The consultation was undertaken jointly by the NHS organisations that provide health services to Edenbridge: NHS West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), KCHFT and Edenbridge Medical Practice. It ran from 1 February until 26 April 2017. People were consulted on four options, including the preferred option, and were asked whether they agreed and about any problems they could see.

All responses were collated and analysed by the University of Kent. For more information, and to see the full report, visit www.westkentccg.nhs.uk/get-involved/redesign-health-services-for-edenbridge.

The key findings of the consultation were:

  • 94% agreed there should be a combined hospital/surgery
  • 79% supported the preferred option of a new building on a new site, with increased day care and no inpatient beds
  • 8% wanted inpatient beds
  • 84% supported building on a new site
  • The top statement people thought was most important to consider when planning future care for the area was reducing travel (68%), followed by designing healthcare to meet changing needs (60%)
  • Bottom priority was protecting the environment by re-using existing space (9%)
The top additional services people would like to see in Edenbridge were preventative health checks (39%) and maternity services, antenatal care and post-natal parenting support (37%).